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True Jew cover

True Jew: Challenging The Stereotype

    This book offers information to everyone who is thinking about the position of Jews in today's world and in history.

    From the time of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem to 500 CE, the world’s Jewish population declined from 4.5 million to 1.1 million; where it stayed for over a thousand years. Then mysteriously, starting in the eighteenth century, world Jewish population increased at more than five times the global growth rate.  Arcinoma produces visible changes in the mucosa including erythema, ulceration, and induration. herbal viagra alternatives uk Pain frequently accompanies ulceration. cheap quality viagra This carcinoma behaves aggressively with extensive infiltrating local disease as well as distant metastatic disease. retail pharmacy price viagra Symptoms include: a lump (usually painless) in the area of the ear, cheek, jaw, lip, or inside the mouth; fluid draining from the ear; trouble swallowing or opening the mouth widely; numbness or weakness in the face and pain in the face that does not go away. Small cell cancer of the salivary gland and adenosquamous cancer of the salivary gland can be determined only by pathologic evaluation of tissue obtained by needle biopsy or surgery. order viagra canada pharmacy Additional diagnostic tests may include: mri, ct scan, pet scan, ultrasound, endoscopy and fine needle aspiration biopsy. After salivary gland cancer has been diagnosed, tests are done to find out if cancer cells have spread within the salivary gland or to other parts of the body. Treatment can consist of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy in various combinations depending on the clinical circumstances. buy generic viagra online Unfortunately, treatment for small cell carcinoma or adenosquamous carcinoma of the salivary gland is rarely curative. retail pharmacy price viagra Progression can be with local recurrence or distant metastases. Anaplastic small cell carcinoma - neuroendocrine carcinomas are frequently found in the minor salivary glands. Individuals with this type of cancer have a better survival rate compared to those with small cell carcinomas of the lung. buy viagra cheap Adenosquamous carcinoma - limited data indicate that this is a highly aggressive neoplasm with a poor prognosis. real viagra without prescription Related topics this web page is from the disabled world cancer and tumor types section which provides: information and articles on many types of cancer that effects humans including cancer cures and symptoms. order viagra online Comments & opinions  we do not verify all information shared by those commenting. viagra without a doctor prescription Views expressed within comments do not necessarily reflect those of disabled world. Permalink. retail pharmacy price viagra

    Throughout most of the Common Era there were two groups of Jews in the world: those who were visible and counted within the community, and those who “traveled under the radar” and were not counted until the latter part of the 18th century when they suddenly reappeared and took their place as the new Jewish artists, musicians and authors. The book is about where they were, why they suddenly reappeared, and what lessons can be learned from their hidden identity and their reappearance.The author also examines contemporary Jews' own varying views of Jewishness and discusses what it means to be a Jew today.

   In style, the book is both a mystery story and an expose. It is written in a light and accessible manner in which its startling revelations are well documented and substantiated.

Because its content is in opposition to some commonly held beliefs, the book provides a good basis for discussion and debate. Much of the information contained in the book is presented from a fresh perspective which opens up formerly unarticulated and perhaps even forbidden concepts to modern exploration.

In its final chapters the book makes a strong case for a major change in the Jewish community.

Book cover image  

The Bible: The Greatest Marketing Tool Ever Written

Foreword by Alan Dershowitz                                                              

This book offers a fresh way to read and understand the narrative contained in the first two books of the bible.   

    In The Bible: The Greatest Marketing Tool Ever Written, I examine the use of marketing within the bible. I start by asking the question: "Why was the Bible written?" and I conclude that the bible's authors wanted to create a marketing strategy which would encourage the Hebrew tribes to coalesce into a nation.I compare the marketing techniques used by the authors of the bible to the recommendations of top modern-day marketing authorities and I conclude that the marketing effort in the Bible was as efficient and effective as today’s most powerful marketing campaigns.

    Through an abundant use of examples and in an informal and conversational style, I demonstrate that in all cases the authors of the Bible chose the most efficient and effective channels for transmitting their vital message, and that the Judeo/Christian/Moslem faiths would not exist today had it not been for the powerful marketing techniques used by the authors of the bible. The conclusions that I draw are both thought provoking and controversial and they present points of discussion to individuals of all faiths.

   My book is both a historical study and an educational tool, whose clear explanation of the marketing process can be applied to the most challenging twenty-first century marketing opportunities. The Bible: The Greatest Marketing Tool Ever Written presents new avenues of biblical exploration and opens new opportunities for discussion and conversation for individuals and groups of all faiths. 

The Bible: The Greatest Marketing Tool Ever Written.........$23.99 
Published by Hamilton Books, A member of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.

To order and receive a signed copy please click  here:


Bernard Beck Photo Bernard Beck, a retired small-business entrepreneur, spent fifteen years as a marketing consultant and taught marketing, advertising, and sales management for ten years as an adjunct professor in the MBA program at the Newark and New Brunswick, NJ campuses of Rutgers University. During that time, he was also a teacher and principal in a synagogue Hebrew School.

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